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Mostly Asked Questions

What benefits does the company offer?

Team Oreo offers a range of benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Your HR representative will provide you with details and help you enroll.

Can I work remotely or have flexible work arrangements?

Some roles may offer flexible work arrangements or remote work options, but this varies by department and role. Discuss this with your manager to understand what's possible.

How do I request time off?

You can request time off through our HR system. The process and policies for requesting and approving time off will be explained during your on boarding.

What's the dress code here?

Our dress code is business casual unless specified otherwise. Some departments may have specific requirements, so check with your manager or HR for guidance.

How do I get IT support for my computer or tech issues?

Contact our IT Helpdesk for any technical support needs. They'll assist with computer setup, software issues, and other tech-related concerns.

What's the process for reporting workplace issues or concerns?

We take workplace concerns seriously. You can report any issues or concerns to your manager, HR, or through our anonymous reporting system.

How do I access company resources and tools (email, intranet, etc.)?

You'll receive login credentials and access instructions during your on boarding. If you encounter any issues, our IT department can help you get set up.

Is there a company-wide code of conduct or employee handbook?

Yes, we have an employee handbook that outlines our policies and code of conduct. You'll receive a copy during your onboarding, and you're encouraged to read and adhere to it.

How often will I receive performance feedback or evaluations?

Your manager will provide regular feedback and conduct performance evaluations, typically on an annual or semi-annual basis. These discussions are an opportunity to discuss your goals and career development.

What resources are available for professional development and training?

We offer various training programs and resources to help you develop your skills and advance your career. Discuss your development goals with your manager to identify relevant opportunities.

How can I get involved in company events and social activities?

We host regular company events and activities. Keep an eye on announcements and join in to connect with your colleagues and enjoy some fun outside of work.

What's the process for requesting time off for holidays or vacations?

Plan your holiday or vacation time well in advance and submit a request through the HR system. Be sure to coordinate with your team to ensure a smooth workflow.

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